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Excellence in design, service & delivery

A multi-award winning, international design practice established in 1999 offering ‘dynamic’, ‘sustainable’ and ‘innovative’ designs in all building phases.

We can provide a full scope of Architectural services with professional excellence and expertise from the inception of any project, preliminary design, planning and building regulations applications through to site supervision.

With a strong belief in innovation through constant improvement and learning better ways to achieve excellence in design, service & delivery since our inception, we have steadily and organically grown from strength to strength.  This is coupled with practical solutions that maximise the value and flexibility of projects for our Clients, whether bespoke or ranging from the micro to the macro scale.

We come with a combined wealth of International working experience and styles not just from the UK but from other countries such as the US, France and Germany.  Simply put we combine the German “genauigkeit” (accuracy) and precision engineering with the flair and quality of British design.

We sincerely believe and instil within the practice that “Excellence” is not just an act but the disposition of the practices’ procedures, methods and attitudes towards design, service and delivery.

Products and services:

Registered Chartered Architects

Architectural Design -

 ·        Planning Permission

 ·        Building Regulations

 ·        Contract Administrators

 ·        Conversions

 ·        Extension

 ·        Renovations

 ·        Space Planning

 ·        Interior Design


Excellence in design,
service and delivery